Practicing in Another Jurisdiction

If you are currently registered to practise optometry in another jurisdiction and have graduated from a Recognized School of Optometry, you are required to successfully complete the application process summarized below, attend the College Orientation Session and successfully pass the Jurisprudence Examination. Please refer to the Registration page for the date of the next Jurisprudence Examination, as well as the application deadline.

Step 1
  • Please click Registrant Login (located at the upper right corner of the website) and sign up by entering your e-mail address.  Once you have the login details, please choose what registration class you are applying for.  Please complete the online Form 7: Registration Application, pay the assessment of registration application fee, and send the notarized form to the College office, along with the following:
  • Notarized copy of government issued photo ID. (Only a driver’s license or Identification card will be an acceptable form of a government issued ID)
  • A passport photo, to be taken within 6 months of completion of this application.
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada, or authority to work in Canada in a health care profession (e.g., a copy of your Canadian passport, permanent resident card, or work permit).
  • Authorization for a criminal record check (for applicants who have resided in another jurisdiction, an authorization for a criminal record check in that jurisdiction or a criminal record report in a form satisfactory to the registrar).
  • Certificate of Standing from each regulatory body that has previously registered, licensed, certified or otherwise authorized you to practise optometry or another health profession.
    The letter must be dated within 30 days of your registration being completed.
  • A statement from you listing all pending complaints, claims, actions, inquiries or proceedings against you in British Columbia or any other jurisdiction.
  • Verification of fulfilment of continuing education requirements.
  • Arrange for your academic transcripts (undergraduate and graduate), to be sent directly to the College.
  • Complete the applicable waiver form(s):
  • Arrange for OEBC or NBEO transcript to be sent to the College.
  • The College accepts successful completion of NBEO (parts I, II, III) as equivalent to OEBC.
Step 2

If all items noted above are received and deemed acceptable, you will be asked to confirm your attendance of the Jurisprudence Examination & College Orientation Session, and forward a cheque or money order in the amount of $200 CDN (payable to College of Optometrists of BC). Prepare for the Jurisprudence Exam by studying the following:

This is an open book exam. Contact the College to request the printed study material.

Step 3

Upon successful completion of the Jurisprudence Exam, to become registered with the College, you will be required to pay the applicable registration fee set out in Schedule E. If your application is denied, the reasons and next steps will be outlined in the Registrar’s letter.

Registration Application Submitted – Things to Know

You must notify the College, as soon as possible, if any information in your Application changes.

Applications are valid for one (1) year from the date the application is received by the College. If your application is not completed within this time, you will have to re-apply, pay the application fee set out in Schedule E, and submit all supporting documentation required by the Bylaws current at the time of the application.

Documents for registration submitted in acceptable form are reviewed to ensure compliance with the current regulatory scheme, and recorded and filed in accordance with established College policies and practice. The original documents are to be retained as the property of the College.

The Jurisprudence Examination fee, as set out in Schedule E , is 50% refundable if a written request for refund is received by the College prior to the registration application deadline for the next sitting of the Jurisprudence Exam if the registration application is withdrawn. The Assessment of registration application fee is not refundable.

Registration & Exam FAQ