Filing a Complaint

Talk To Your Optometrist First

If you have a concern of any kind with your optometrist, the College encourages you to first speak to him or her directly, as many concerns can be addressed and resolved through discussion and dialogue. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to your optometrist directly, or your conversation is unsuccessful, you may choose to file a complaint with the College.

How to File a Complaint

While there is no specific time frame within which a complaint needs to be filed, it assists in the investigation process if your complaint is filed shortly after the alleged incident occurs. Your complaint must be sent to the College, in writing, with your hand-written signature.

The College attempts to resolve most concerns in a remedial manner, seeking to understand the circumstances surrounding the event, and how a similar situation could be avoided in the future.

To file a complaint, you can either complete a complaint form or write a letter of complaint.

If you choose to write a letter of complaint, it must include the following information:

  • Your full name, mailing address, and daytime telephone number
  • The full name and address of the optometrist(s) involved
  • A description of the incident, in as much detail as possible.
  • The date and location of the incident
  • Your signature

Please mail your complaint to:

Attn: Registrar
College of Optometrists of BC
906 – 938 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9

Once your complaint is received by the College, it will be reviewed and you may be contacted to provide further information.

If your complaint falls within the mandate of the Inquiry Committee you will receive an acknowledgment letter. A copy of your complaint will be sent to the optometrist(s) involved, requesting a response. That response will be shared with you. All materials collected and reviewed by the Inquiry Committee in the course of its investigation will be shared with you and the optometrist(s) involved.

After the Inquiry Committee completes its investigation, it will come to a decision in accordance with its authority, and provide you a letter of disposition. Every complaint is reviewed and assessed on its own merits.