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The College of Optometrists of BC acts in accordance with the following legislation:

Health Professions Act

On March 1, 2009, the Optometrists Act was repealed and the College of Optometrists of BC transitioned under the Health Professions Act (HPA). The HPA is umbrella legislation that provides a common regulatory framework for health professions across BC. The Health Professions act may be found here.

Optometrists Regulation

The Optometrists Regulation may be found here.

Personal Information Protection Act

The Personal Information Protection Act may be found here.

College Bylaws & Policies

Bylaws and policies define how the College is managed and outline the regulatory procedures and laws that govern and apply to the profession of optometry, as administered by the College. The College adheres to the following bylaws and policies:

  • View the College’s bylaws here.
  • View the College’s policies here.
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Indigenous Cultural Safety, Humility, and Anti-racism Practice Standard

The Indigenous Cultural Safety, Humility, and Anti-Racism standard of practice may be found here.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is the guide to which the College of Optometrists of British Columbia adheres and that all doctors of optometry are committed to. Professional behavior is evaluated and assessed based on these principles. View the code of ethics here.

Standards, Limits & Conditions for Practice

Under section 20(2) of the bylaws, the Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee must develop and recommend to the College’s Board standards, limits and conditions on the prescribing, dispensing and administering of therapeutic pharmaceutical agents. Please view College Policies.