Registration Renewal Instructions

You may renew your 2021 registration online beginning Wednesday, September 30, 2020, by accessing your renewal form under “Registrant Login.” There is a “Five (5) Step Process” separated by tabs across the top of your webpage. It is important that you read each and every step and accurately complete the required fields.

Step 1 - Welcome/Registration Renewal Details

Since this step details the deadlines, fees, late fee, refund policy, privacy policy, etc., we urge you to read carefully before you proceed.

Step 2 - Profile

If any information needs to be changed on your profile which requires contacting the College office, you will still be able to successfully submit your registration renewal online. At any time during the year, you may update your profile information through “View Your Profile.”

Step 3 - Confirmation

Therapeutic Qualified or Non-therapeutic Qualified registrants:

Confirm the information on your profile and proceed to Step 4.

Non-practising registrants:

In accordance with section 56(2), registrants who have held non-practising registration for three (3) or more consecutive years may not renew their registration online

Changing from practising to non-practising registration:

You will be able to proceed to Step 4; however, you must complete Form 8, which must be received by the Registrar on or before November 2, 2020. Please note, you will still be able to successfully submit your registration renewal payment online along with the Change of Registration Class fee; however, your registration renewal will be pending and not approved until the Registrar receives your completed Form 8.

Reinstating from non-practising to practising registration:

Please contact the College office to request the change as you will not be able to proceed with online Registration Renewal.

Step 4 - Declarations

Knowingly making a false declaration for the purpose of registration renewal is, in itself, unprofessional and may, upon investigation, be determined to be professional misconduct. To avoid the apprehension of professional misconduct, registrants should collect and maintain proper records supporting all declarations made in the course of registration renewal. In accordance with section 104, those records must be retained for minimum of seven years. Registrants are reminded that they may be required to provide those records to the Registrar at any time.

Criminal Record Check: It is mandatory that you declare: (1) criminal records to the college on the annual renewal form, and (2) criminal records any time during the current registration year should a criminal record arise in which case you must provide a new authorization for a criminal record check. Criminal record checks are also required every five years.

Continuing Education (CE): Please note that you must fulfill the requirements of the Quality Assurance program established in part 5 of the Bylaws and Quality Assurance, Part 1 of the Policies. To Self-Records your CE hours, please click on Edit.


As a conditional of annual registration renewal, all registrants are required to achieve at least 20 continuing (CE) hours, either College of COPE approved.

Registrants, who are enrolled in the OE Tracker program, must ensure that their OE Tracker account reflects the CE hours obtained at the time of their renewal, as well as to record their CE hours in their online profile. A false declaration on your registration renewal is a serious offense and is not taken lightly by the College.


Registrants who are not enrolled in OE Tracker must provide original CE certificates along with the completed CE Record Form and $100.00 administrative fee to the College, by registered mail before their registration can be renewed.

CPR certification: Full registrants must ensure that they hold CPR certification that is no more than three years old when renewing their registration, as per section 73(3) of the College Bylaws, as well as update their online profile by entering their CPR effective and expiry date.

Practise in other jurisdiction(s): If you are registered or licensed to practise optometry in any other jurisdiction, indicate which jurisdiction and confirm that you are in good standing in those jurisdictions.

Insurance requirement: As per section 61 of the Bylaws, each full registrant or academic registrant must obtain and at all times maintain professional liability insurance with a limit of liability not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence insuring against liability arising from an error, omission or negligent act of the registrant.

Practice currency: Provide the most recent date when you provided optometric services in British Columbia.

Non-practising registrant: If you are renewing as a non-practising registrant, acknowledge your declaration that you will not provide the services of the profession of optometry in British Columbia while registered in the college as a non-practising registrant.

Academic registrant: If you are renewing as an academic registrant, acknowledge your declaration that you will not provide optometric services in British Columbia except for educational purposes in an instructional setting.

Step 5 - Payments

The annual renewal fee payable to the College of Optometrists of BC, is $1,390.00 for all registration classes.

Manual Renewal

To renew your registration manually, you must complete Form 10: Registration Renewal Application and submit it along with payment (a cheque or money order in Canadian funds, payable to College of Optometrists of BC), and mail to the following address:

Attn: Registrar
College of Optometrists of BC
906 – 938 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1N9

Important Note: If you choose to submit the Registration Renewal Application by mail, and your documents are not received by the Registrar, or are received but incomplete or illegible, or your payment by cheque is delayed in any way, you will be subject to a late fee, as set out in Schedule E of the College Bylaws. Please consider sending your Registration Renewal Application by registered mail and making your payment by certified cheque.

2021 Renewal Deadline

The deadline to renew your 2021 registration is Monday, November 2, 2020.