Professional Enhancement Program

The College’s core mandate is to ensure public safety. Quality assurance is one of the mechanisms by which the College supports registrants in effectively maintaining their professional competence so that the services they provide to the public are safe and effective.

To further enable registrants to provide the highest standard of service to the public, the College is introducing a new aspect of quality assurance – the Professional Enhancement Program (PEP).

Based on the Career-Span Competence Approach and a core set of competencies, which align with CDOBC Standards of Practice, the Professional Enhancement Program will enable registrants to better manage their on-going, career-long, professional development and rise above minimum standards to become “the best you can be”. 

To learn more about the Career-Span Competence Approach: view the CSC Approach video

To learn more about the Professional Enhancement Program, view the PEP video

The Professional Enhancement Program will be introduced in January 2023 as a required aspect of the Quality Assurance Program (QAP).

The PEP will be delivered online, using the PEP Portal.

Stay tuned!

Over the next 4 months, you will receive more information about the Professional Enhancement Program (PEP) to become familiarized with the program and understand how it benefits you and the public.

PEP Portal pilot testing – Fall 2022   As part of the PEP implementation process, we are pilot testing the PEP Portal this fall. The College is seeking approximately 50 registrants, like you, to volunteer 1 to 2 hours of time to pilot test the PEP Portal.   Are you interested in being a PEP Pilot Tester?
 Contact: Dr. Joan Hansen, Deputy Registrar  

The CDOBC is working closely with the Career-Span Competence Collaborative [LINK to] in the development and implementation of the Professional Enhancement Program.