The next Jurisprudence Examination will be scheduled for June 13, 2024.

In order to practise optometry in British Columbia, you must complete the Registration Application, submit all documents required by that form, pay the Assessment of registration application fee and the Jurisprudence fee, attend the College’s mandatory Orientation Session and successfully pass the Jurisprudence Examination. Please note that successfully completing the Jurisprudence Examination and Orientation is the final step in your Application process.

The next Jurisprudence Examination will be scheduled for June 13, 2024 followed by the Orientation Session on June 17, 2024. Both will be held online.

To be eligible to attend the Jurisprudence Exam session, you must deliver to the Registrar, a completed application form, the $200.00 fee to write the Jurisprudence exam, the $475.00 Assessment of registration application fee, and supporting documents by May 30, 2024.

Important Note: To ensure your Application and supporting documents are received, we strongly encourage you to send by Registered mail or courier. Receipt of your application and supporting documents will be acknowledged upon our return to the College office.

If all items received are deemed acceptable, you will be asked to confirm your attendance in writing for the Jurisprudence Examination and mandatory College Orientation Session, and the invoice for $200.00 exam fee will be sent to your online profile account. Upon receipt of your confirmation and payment, study materials and exam information will be sent to you.

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete your Application, please select from the following options:

The College of Optometrists of British Columbia will amalgamate with six other colleges to from The College of Health and Care Professions of BC on June 28, 2024. The Jurisprudence Exam after the amalgamation will not be scheduled until late fall/winter of 2024.