Complaint Process

The process for investigating and adjudicating complaints is defined by the Health Professions Act and involves the following:


Step 1 - The College receives the complaint letter/form from the complainant.


Step 2 - The College may contact the complainant to gather additional information.


Step 3 - The College will send the complainant a letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint; advising that the Inquiry Committee will review the complaint.


Step 4 - The College will send a copy of the complaint to the optometrist(s) involved requesting a written response and copies of relevant records.


Step 5 - The College may contact others involved in the complainant’s care, to obtain additional relevant information. The Inquiry Committee may appoint an inspector to gather additional information and provide an investigative report.


Step 6 - All information reviewed by the Inquiry Committee will be shared with both parties. The complainant will have the opportunity to comment on submitted documents.


Step 7 - Once all relevant documents have been received, the Inquiry Committee will review and come to disposition in accordance with s.33(6).


Step 8 - The complainant will be advised, in writing, of the Inquiry Committee disposition within 30 days.