Public Notices

Under the Health Professions Act, the College provides notice of complaint outcomes as required by the Act. The College provides notice of outcomes that result in conditions or limits on a registrant’s practice, a suspension, or cancellation of license, as well as matters that go to the Discipline Committee.

  • Dr. Wai-Sing Vincent Wu - July 1, 2016

    The Inquiry Committee of the College obtained a consent order from Dr. Wu under s. 33(6)(c) and 36 of the Health Professions Act in relation to his conduct in misbilling Medical Services Plan and patients for optometric services.

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  • Dr. Jerry Mackenzie - August 27, 2015

    The Discipline Committee decided that Dr. Mackenzie is “ungovernable” based on his repeated and wanton disregard and disrespect for the College’s regulatory process.

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