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Criminal Record Check


The Criminal Records Review Act (the “CRRA”) imposes an obligation on the College to ensure that every registrant consents to a criminal record check in accordance with Part 4 of the CRRA. This also includes non-practising registrants. Section 15(1)(a) of the CRRA imposes a duty on he registrant to undergo a criminal record check at least once every five years.

To complete a criminal record check online please follow the directions below; for more information please visit the Criminal Records Review Program – Walk Through.


To obtain the access code, please e-mail your request to the College office at


Click “Continue” after fully reading the Organization Information and Terms of Use.


Apply for a Criminal Record Check using your BC Services Card. If you do not have a BC Services Card, please contact the College office at   to obtain the manual submission form and instruction.


Proceed with the Criminal Record Check Application and Information Review. Click “Submit New CRC” then “Consent for Criminal Record Check”.


Continue with the payment using the “Internet Payments Program” section. Click “Payment Approved“.


The Criminal Record Check Receipt page appears next. Print or download the authorization receipt and provide a copy to the College office at

If you are unable to submit an online request, contact the College office immediately to assist you with a Manual Identification Verification (MIV) process.


To obtain the manual consent form please email your request to the College office at


Ensure that the form is marked Schedule B


Ensure that the form is marked Works with children and vulnerable adults


Part 1, to be completed by the registrant


Part 2, to be completed by the College, please sign and date at the bottom of the Consent form.


Submit to the College along with a notarized copy of your primary and secondary ID

Please note that the criminal record review program will send out an email requesting payment to the email listed on the consent form.

United States

Complete the Nationwide Criminal Search (USA) – Consent Forms A & B, and submit to the College office with a copy of your US Social Security Number (SSN).


Arrange for your international criminal record check to be sent directly to the College office. If the criminal record check is sent directly to you, you must forward the document to the College office in its original sealed envelope. Opened or unsealed envelopes will not be accepted.