BC Optometrist

Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Message from the Chair of the Board

The Board of the College of Optometrists of British Columbia is pleased to present its 2018-2020 Strategic Plan. Board members and College staff collaboratively developed the plan, which represents the College’s commitment to regulation that engenders appropriate, effective, safe, and ethical optometric care and better lifelong vision for British Columbians.Building on the accomplishments that arose out of our previous Strategic Plan and with this plan’s revised direction, we will continue moving forward as an efficient and effective organization. The document identifies key goals and objectives to be achieved in the next three years. We are confident that the plan will guide our response to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

-Dr. Dale Dergousoff

2018-2020 Strategic Goals

1. Strengthen College capacity and effectiveness.

1.1Develop policies and procedures to increase the professional development of Board members and the functioning of committees, with a focus on roles and responsibilities.

1.2Develop policies and procedures to increase the professional development and continuous learning of staff.

1.3Develop a plan to ensure effective succession planning of staff and board members. Improve information technology to support all College functions.

2. Ensure high standards and ethical practice.

2.1Continually improve the “Standards of Practice” document to inform the core functions of the College.

2.2Improve the continuing competency of registrants in order to enhance patient outcomes.

3. Enhance engagement with stakeholders.

3.1Raise public awareness of the important role that regulation plays in the delivery of quality eye health care.

3.2Enhance the understanding of registrants’ legal and professional responsibilities under the Health Professions Act.

3.3Work with other regulatory bodies, both provincially and nationally, to identify opportunities for collaboration and improvement in health services.

Download the full PDF version  here.