Board Election Results

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An election for two positions on the Board of the College, whose terms expire on April 15, 2022, has been conducted by the Registrar in the presence of two Board members, one of whom is a Public member. The ballots were counted today, March 18, 2022.

I certify, the following registrants have been elected to serve a three-year term, commencing April 16, 2022:

·      Dr. Jaelyn McComas
·      Dr. Steo Ebata

The College appreciates the participation of Dr. Justin Asgarpour, Dr Steo Ebata, Dr. Laurie Lesser, Dr. Brad Macario, and Dr. Jaelyn McComas who allowed their names to stand for election by their peers and those who cast their vote. The profession is strengthened by the involvement of its members in this important process.


Rick C. Gambrel, Registrar

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