Health Professions Act
__>Optometrists Regulation
Bylaws of the College
 Policies of the College

 Aeronautics Act – Medical and Optometric Information
 Criminal Records Review Act
 Motor Vehicle Act – Section 230
 Personal Information Protection Act
 Pharmacy Operations & Drug Scheduling Act

Standards, Limits & Conditions for Practice:
 Anti-Glaucoma Medication Prescribing
 Treatment of Eye Disease
 TPA Update

Registration & Renewal:
 Registration Application – Form 7
 Registration Renewal Application – Form 10
 Reinstatement Application – Form 12
 Statutory Declaration for Academic Registration – Form 8A
 Statutory Declaration for Non-Practising Registration – Form 8

Continuing Education (CE):
 CE Requirements
• CE Record Form
• How to Obtain Continuing Education Approval
• Request for Continuing Education Approval Form

Medical Services Plan (MSP):
• MSP – Where Do I Begin?
• MSP Practitioner Registration Form
• Request for Approval to Bill MSP for Low Vision & Visual Fields Services

Place of Practice (Clinics):
• Place of Practice – Request for Name Approval Form
• Request to Change Place of Practice Name Form
• Transfer of Records Containing Personal Information Form
• Declaration of Ownership of Records Form
• Declaration of Transferring Controlling Interest Form
• Assuming Responsibilities Under Bylaw 119 Form

Optometric Corporations:
• How to Form an Optometric Corporation
• Optometric Corporation Authorization Form
• Optometric Corporation Permit Application – Form 15
• Optometric Corporation Permit Renewal Application – Form 15A
• Trust Undertakings
• Optometric Corporation Articles

Student Internships:
 Notice of Student Internship Form