Coloured Filters and Visual Stress
The use of coloured filters and coloured paper to ease eye strain while reading has been noted in the literature for decades. In the 1980s, Meares and Irlen each described a cluster of symptoms that affected reading, including print distortion, eye strain, and headaches….read more

Bylaw requirements with respect to patient records
The College often receives inquiries from members of the public and health care professionals who have been unable to access patient records from registrants because they have moved to different practice locations or left practice without taking proper steps to transfer or dispose of their patient files….read more

Social media & online networking guidelines
The College recognizes the growing use of social media and online networking platforms on the part of health care professionals as a means to communicate both personally and professionally. Common examples of social media and online networking platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
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Electronic clinical records – ownership
College bylaws require that clinical records must be owned by (either under the custody or under the control of) a registrant of our College. Any information collected from a patient for the purposes of providing optometric services forms part of a clinical more

Marketing of “free” eye exams
Registrants must ensure that their marketing and advertising in all mediums complies with Part 11 of the College Bylaws. Part 11 prohibits, amongst other things, false, inaccurate and misleading advertising….read more