Urgent information from the College of Optometrists of BC
in the interest of public safety

Supreme Court of B.C. grants interim injunction prohibiting Vancouver optometrist Dr. Jerry Mackenzie from continuing to practice while under suspension

Vancouver, B.C. May 27, 2014 – Today, the Supreme Court of British Columbia granted an interim injunction against Dr. Jerry Mackenzie of 3049 Broadway West, Vancouver, which he consented to, prohibiting him from continuing to practice optometry while his registration is suspended.

The interim injunction was sought by the College of Optometrists of British Columbia when it learned that Dr. Mackenzie continued to see patients after being notified that his license to practice optometry had been suspended.

An investigation and the subsequent suspension were triggered by a 2011 patient complaint against Dr. Mackenzie. The Discipline Committee panel concluded that Dr. Mackenzie contravened the College’s Standards of Conduct, the terms of an earlier Consent Order, and the College Bylaws. The panel found, among other things, that Dr. Mackenzie had failed to refer a patient to an appropriate health specialist, had falsified his clinical records by adding entries to show a referral to a specialist that he did not make, and that he had fabricated a referral note to a specialist.

Following the investigation and discipline hearing, the Discipline Committee panel concluded that Dr. Mackenzie’s behaviour constituted unethical conduct and professional misconduct, and suspended him from practising optometry for three years. Dr. Mackenzie was suspended from practising on April 28, 2014, and was notified of this on April 29, 2014. However, the College obtained evidence that Dr. Mackenzie continued to see patients after he was notified of the suspension.

As primary health care providers for the eyes, optometrists examine, diagnose, treat, manage and prevent disorders, diseases and injuries of the visual system, eyes and associated structures, and identify related systemic conditions affecting the eyes. It is illegal for an optometrist to practice in the Province of British Columbia without being registered by the College of Optometrists, or to practice while suspended. Patients being cared for by a suspended or unregistered optometrist are at risk. They cannot be guaranteed that they will receive the professional treatment and care necessary to diagnose or treat serious threats to their eyes or eyesight.

You can find more information about the disciplinary process and the decision regarding Dr. Jerry Mackenzie here


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