In order to receive College accreditation for CE courses which are not offered by an “approved program provider” as per College Policies (Quality Assurance, Part 1– Continuing Education Requirements), providers must ensure the following:

•  Courses “meet the goals of advancing and enhancing scientific optometric knowledge, professional competency, promoting safe, effective and ethical optometric practice and improving patient outcomes” (page 6 of the Policies document).

•  Courses meet COPE requirements for course qualification (see Criteria for COPE Qualification of Continuing Education, page 3).

•  Courses are not provided in an exclusive manner.

If the above is met, the following must be provided to the College office:

•  A completed Request for Continuing Education Approval Form
Course Outline
PowerPoint presentation slides/any handouts(if applicable)
CV of the instructor(s)
Disclosure slide

Upon receipt, and if all items are deemed acceptable, a letter with further instructions will be sent to providers.

Following the course, providers are required to send a “certificate of attendance” to each participant, as well as submit the “sign-in/sign-out attendance sheet(s)” to the College.