How do I form an optometric corporation?

Follow the instructions on the How to Form an Optometric Corporation page. Then complete the Authorization Form to Prepare an Optometric Corporation and fax, email, or mail it to the College office. You will receive an approval letter along with incorporation instructions within 20 business days of your request.

Can my optometric corporation name be anything of my choosing?

Your requested optometric corporation name must include either “Dr.” or “O.D.”, your first and last name, and end with “Optometric Corporation.”

e.g., “Dr. John Doe, Optometric Corporation”
“John Doe O.D., Optometric Corporation”

Can I provide optometric services once I obtain name approval?

No. Optometric services can only be provided upon receipt of a BC Optometric Corporation permit issued by the College.

When is my optometric corporation permit issued?

If your incorporation documents are deemed acceptable and meet all the terms and conditions set out in the HPA and Bylaws , a BC optometric corporation permit will be issued to you.

How do I set up a Trust/Trustee as a shareholder?

Please refer to Section 43 of the Health Professions Act to ensure your trusteeship is in accordance with what is outlined, complete the Trust Undertakings form and forward it to the College office, along with the other incorporation documents.