1. Complete the Authorization Form to Prepare an Optometric Corporation and apply to the College with your proposed name, which must end with “Optometric Corporation”

e.g., “Dr. John Doe, Optometric Corporation” or,
“John Doe O.D., Optometric Corporation”

2. Once the College approves the name, apply to the Registrar of Companies (via your lawyer) to register as a professional corporation.

3. After you have successfully registered as a professional corporation with the Registrar of Companies, submit the following documents to the College:

  • Copy of the Certificate Incorporation
  • Copy of the Notice of Articles and the Articles of the Corporation
  • Copy of the current Register of Directors of the Corporation
  • Copy of the current Central Securities Register of Shareholders of the Corporation
  • Photocopy of your current Registration Certificate to practise optometry in B.C.
  • A cheque for $525.00, payable to the College of Optometrists of BC.
  • Form 15: BC Optometric Corporation Permit

Please note that the articles do not have any provision for different classes of shares or rights and restrictions for the shares. These will normally be determined by you together with advice from your accountant and lawyer. These articles will be sufficient if you have only one class of common shares with no special rights and restrictions.

Paragraphs 3.6, 3.7 and 13.4 in the attached proforma Articles of Association must be included in your Articles. Unless your Articles have these clauses or ones similar to them, your corporation documents will not be approved as an optometric corporation. Please review these sections closely and if you have any questions please look at Sections 40 to 50 of the Health Profession Act.

4. If all the documents received are deemed acceptable, the College will issue you a permit to practice as a professional corporation.

printable version available here