The College administers and oversees six committees that are governed with the same integrity, accountability and transparency as the Board, to regulate the profession in the interest of the public. As guided by the Health Professions Act (HPA), the committees are comprised of one public board member, one public representative, four volunteer registrants and two ex officio members.

Registration Committee

Responsible for granting registration to a person as a member of the College and establishing those qualifications required of applicants. The Registration Committee protects the public interest by ensuring applicants meet the qualifications required to practise optometry in BC before granting registration.

Quality Assurance Committee

Promotes safe and ethical practice by developing professional and ethical standards, and by committing to quality assurance programs that promote clinical excellence.

Inquiry Committee

Mandated to investigate complaints against registrants, which are delivered to the registrar in writing. The committee may also initiate an investigation of a registrant.

Discipline Committee

Upon issuance of a citation, the Discipline Committee conducts hearings to adjudicate matters concerning a registrant.

Patient Relations Committee

Establishes and maintains procedures for dealing with complaints of misconduct of registrants, as well as programs to prevent professional misconduct.

Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee

Maintains and develops standards, limits and conditions on the clinical use, prescribing and dispensing of pharmaceutical agents.

For more information on the College’s Committees, please contact the Registrar.