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The Examiner - Month: July 2009

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The Examiner – July 2009

Since September it has been an exciting time to serve as Chair of the Board. Having amicable conversations with government and stakeholders has allowed us to move forward with our new Bylaws and Regulations. As we moved into the New Year, we welcomed a new employee, moved to a new office and became a College under the Health Professions Act. I would like to thank everyone – the staff, the Registrar, past Chairs, past and present Board members as well as the many registrants who serve the Board in other capacities, for sharing their experience and providing guidance as I learn to steer this ship. Once a Board member always a Board member – it never leaves you. The recent expansion in the scope of practice is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Having gained the trust of government to have prescription authority came about through the political will to have change and through the work of many individuals. In the future, any changes to the scope of practice or the Standards, Limits and Conditions to practice will be through the Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee and the Board of the College.

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